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Our Services

We offer a variety of services to assist you in whatever your lumber needs are. We are able to do everything necessary to take a tree from the ground to your table or tablesaw. Scroll down to see what we offer our customers.

Lumber Sales


The Ole General Store has a large selection of lumber in stock. We specialize in Central Florida hardwoods and recovered hardwoods from the area, but we also carry a wide variety of northern hardwoods and exotic/specialty woods from around the world. 


All of our local wood has been milled and dried by us and you will not find a better selection elsewhere. We have spent years milling, drying, and selling lumber so not only do you get a good product, but you will get our expertise with every board you buy. 


Please check out our price list to see what we have in stock as well as the prices. We are always looking and adding new species to our inventory so check back to see what's new.


Along with the ability to mill up average size trees we can also cut trees up to 5 feet in diameter. It takes a lot of expertise, equipment, and knowledge of wood to create slabs this size that can be sold to local wood workers. A typical 3 inch slab can take years to prepare for sale and weigh hundreds of pounds. 


Fortunately, we have years of expertise in working with slab wood and have many different sizes and species of slab wood available to you. Give us a call today to see what we have in stock. We'd also be happy to send you pictures of a few samples if you request them.

Custom Shop Services

We have the ability to make almost any profile you want out of any species of lumber we sell. Whether you need flooring, paneling, door casing, crown, or many antique profiles we can help.


We can cut matching molding profiles to almost any profile you bring us. If you're trying to match a rare antique trim or just want something a little different from typical trim contact us for more info. 

Custom Saw-milling

One of the main services we offer is helping customers cut up their own trees into lumber from eight inches up to five feet. We have the expertise and ability to help you get your tree from the ground to your finished project. We can mill, dry, and surface your lumber in one stop. 


When your trees come to us you not only do you get our personal service you are also getting the best value for your money. We have several mills and kilns available in order to get you the best and highest yield of lumber out of your tree. Our expertise will help reduce the amount of waste from your tree and get you beautiful lumber as fast as possible. Check out our media gallery to see a few videos and slide shows of what we do.


We also offer a variety of custom saw milling services such as custom cut siding for your house or next project, milling lumber to unique customer specifications, and more. Give us a call or drop us a line to see how we can help you with your milling needs.

Unique Wood Pieces

If you're looking for a piece of wood to make original art, or something special for whatever reason we carry many creative and unusual pieces of wood. We have rounds in various sizes (pictured above), river recovered side slabs, small curcy slabs, limbs, logs, thin slices of highly figured species, driftwood, extinct wood, and hard to find pieces. 



How we started

Since the founding of Ole General Store we have grown from saw milling to lumber sales, kiln-drying, slab wood cutting, river-recovered wood, exotic and specialty lumbers, and more. We now have the ability to help most anyone with whatever their lumber needs are from making cabinets from your own trees, to supplying you with rare and specialty lumber that no longer is commercially available. 

The Ole General Store is a family business owned and operated by Bob Hughes with the help of his son Tim. Together, they can help you with your next project no matter the difficulty or creativity.

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